Battle of the Silve Slope

“How much a life can change in a few short days,” Hamron thought as he followed Ghanir into a narrow tunnel leading deep into the enemy’s mountain fortress.

That morning Mage Meath’s magic had transported nearly 500 soldiers, including our heroes, to a desolate corner of the Silve Mountains. There Meath, in a magically enhanced voice, announced that they would be attacking the hideout of the infamous Madwand, a name that causes both Hamron and Ghanir to shudder involuntarily.

Meath’s forces were arrayed facing a cave opening at the top of a steep slope. As the army moved forward, a Captain’s shout rang, “Dwarf, explore that cave.” And Ghanir was directed to a dark opening in the mountain.

“We Grey Dwarves use tunnels like that to circle behind the enemy during a siege,” Ghanir whispered as he led Hamron into the tunnel.

Through the rock, rumbles told of battle being joined. After a dark winding trek that seemed to last an eternity, the Grey Dwarf’s knowledge proved true and Ghanir and Hamron emerged into the cave.

And there the pair could scarcely believe their eyes. The infamous starry red robes and tall pointed hat identified the Mage at the cave’s mouth as Madwand. Fire flew from his fingertips and with a flick of his wrist a beast out of nightmares would spring from thin air and bound down to meet the approaching army.

The heroes advantage proved short lived as some sixth sense alerted Madwand to their presence. A quick glance and an insane laugh left Ghanir and Hamron writhing on the ground in pain. Movement was impossible, THOUGHT was impossible…

Suddnely the pain ceased as sharply as it began, “I am Taran, a friend. Take these!”

The words shot through Hamron’s head as a white figure materialized before them. He appeared as an albino Elf Warrior, with flashing eyes and a commanding presence. Except for the chains binding his hands, he might have been a King. It was Taran who freed you from Madwand’s spell and now he wishes you to pick up the objects at your feet, an Orb lies before Hamron and a Mace before Ghanir.

Whether from desperation or something in Taran’s voice, Ghanir and Hamron obey without thought. Snatching up the gifts, Dwarf and Man attack Madwand’s back with spell and steel. A great cheer goes up from Meath’s surviving forces as the legendary villain goes down. But there is no time for our heroes to enjoy victory. Ghanir and Hamron feel their very souls being sucked into Taran’s “gifts.” Darkness closes about the pair…

Battle of the Silve Slope

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