Earling Hamron III of Ravenfield Earldom

Exiled Prince of Ravenfield Earldom


Character Class/Level – Sorcerer / 3 Race – Human

Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Size – M; Age – 21; Height – 5’11”; Weight – 160 Eyes – Blue; Hair – Brown; Skin – Fair and often sunburned

Speed – 30 feet

Str – 11 Dex – 14 (+2) Con – 13 (+1) Wis – 9 (-1) Int – 14 (+1) Chr – 15 (+2)

AC – 12. Hamron wears no armor that may interfere with his great curse

HP – 11

Initiative – +2

Fortitude – +2; Reflex – +3; Will – +2

Base Attack Bonus – +1; Grapple – +1

Melee Attack Bonus – +1; Ranged Attack Bonus – +3

Skills: - Appraise – 9 (3+1+3+2) Growing up around valuable goods comes in handy. Not to mention Aspen…

- Knowledge (History) – 8 (7+1) A Noble’s son is rarely ignorant of past events

- Decipher Script– 8 (4+2+2) A familiarity with the written word proves useful

- Diplomacy – 7 (5+2) Harmon was taught in the Noble ways of politics since he could speak

- Bluff: – 5 (3+2) Noble ways of politics are not always honest.

Feats: - Diligent (+2 to Decipher Script and Appraise checks) - Dodge (+1 AC to a selected target) - Magical Aptitude(+2 to Spellcraft and Magical Device Checks) - Alertness (via familiar; +2 to Listen and Spot Checks)

Spells Known/ Per Day Level 0: 5 / 6 Level 1: 3 / 5

0-level- Read Magic, Detect Magic, Ghost Sounds, Message, Mage Hand 1-level- Obscuring Mist, Magic Missile, True Strike

Weapons: - Short Spear: 1d6, x2 critical, can throw 20 ft - Orb of Penetrating Reflection

Armor: None

Special- Summon Familiar: Aspen (Raven)

Gear: Backpack 2 lb.1 Bedroll 5 lb.1 Blanket, winter 3 lb.1 Flask 1½ lb. Flint and steel — Manacles, masterwork 2 lb. Rations, trail (10 days) 10 lb. Ravenfield Signet ring — Spyglass 1 lb. Torch 1 lb. Waterskin 4 lb.1 Whetstone 1 lb.

Wealth: 50 gps

Languages: Common, Olde Antrim No nobility training is complete without some knowledge of the Old Tongue

Taran’s gift: Orb of Penetrating Reflection. This melon-sized spherical orb is completely reflective, as if made from a mirror. No seam, corner, smudge, or imperfection blemishes its wondrous appearance. When holding the orb, one feels as if his very soul is being penetrated from eyes from places unknown. The soul of a once might Diviner whose thirst for knowledge knew no bounds is said to fuel this wondrous creation… his creation.

When the user of this orb stares at his reflection in the orb, the orb stares back, and the user’s physical being is transported to the Astral Plane, and is replaced with a translucent, beautifully ghostly version of himself, as the user is now incorporeal(1). In this incorporeal form, the user casts spells at 4 levels higher than his current caster level and any spell he uses in this form does not count against his daily spell us count. Furthermore, while in this form, the orb hovers over one of the user’s shoulder and may cast its own attacks instead of the user. The orb, whose reflective nature can sense weaknesses in foes, can send out an energy blast doing 5d4 + the incorporeal user’s level in damage. The nature of the attack is based on the monster. For example, if a foe is a zombie, the orb will automatically cast a fire blast, as it can sense that creature’s weakness.


Human Sorcerer Earling Hamron III of Ravenfield Earldom; Son of Helrick: Your noble family has served the High Kings of Mag Mell3 and the Arch Priests of Pelor4 for generations. The Earldom of Ravenfield is located in the southwestern corner (see map) of Mag Mell, a dangerous spot as it abuts both the Mosquito Barrens5 and the Silve Mountains6. You were raised into a warrior tradition, expected to serve as a High King’s Knight, dispense justice and guidance in the Earldom’s dozen villages and, in times of war, to lead the Earldom’s men-at-arms into battle. However, you’ve long kept a secret that would lose you the respect of your peers, your birthright and perhaps your life. People of the Book7 are forbidden in Mag Mell and by order of the Priests of Pelor must be banished to the Mosquito Barrens or killed, whichever they choose. Obviously, you guarded your secret well, even from your Blood Guardian the Grey Dwarf Ghanir. Then one day, while traveling with your father, a goblin ambush and an unthinking reaction exposed you as a Sorcerer. Ghanir’s intervention was all that saved your life and the two of you were commanded to disappear into the Mosquito Barrens… never to return.

Str: 11. Though raised as a warrior, the Ravenfield family relies more on their cunning and grace in battle than brute strength.

Dex: 14. Hamron was no exception to the family-tradition of short spear training, making him light on his feet.

Con: 13. Having the best food and medical care since birth has made Hamron’s body quite robust.

Int: 14. All those years in study for not for naught; Hamron’s mind has been sharpened by some of the best tutors in all of the Earldom.

Wis: 9. Being brought up in a sheltered castle, Hamron lacks real world insight.

Cha: 15. Hamron’s strength of personality and confidence that sprung from his noble upbringing are his greatest advantages.

Earling Hamron III of Ravenfield Earldom

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