Ghanir of the Bitter Crag Hold

Sworn protector of the Ravenfield family


Character Class/Level – Fighter / 3

Race –Dwarf

Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Size – M; Age – 40; Height – 4’11”; Weight – 190 Eyes – Grey; Hair – Salt & Pepper; Skin – Hints of charcoal color

Speed – 20 feet

Str – 16 (+3) Dex – 10 Con – 17 (+3) Wis – 13 (+1) Int – 5 (-3) Chr – 9 (-1)

AC – 17

HP – 34

Initiative – 0

Fortitude – +6; Reflex – +1; Will – +2

Base Attack Bonus – +3; Grapple – +6

Melee Attack Bonus – +6; Ranged Attack Bonus – +3


- Craft +4 Growing up in a mine gave Ghanir a keen eye for making jewels

- Use Rope +2 No dwarf is complete without some knowledge of knots

Feats: - Endurance (resist non-lethal damange, keep running, etc)

- Power Attack (trade attack bonus for damage bonus up to +5)

- Cleave

- Die Hard (still conscious when less then 0 HPs)

Weapons: - Flail– 1d8 +3, x2 critical

- Axe, throwing, x2 critical, throw 10 feet

- Ubunk’s Mace of Decimation

Armor: Breastplate +5; Heavy Wooden Shield +2

Gear: Backpack 2 lb.1 Bedroll 5 lb.1 Blanket, winter 3 lb.1 Caltrops 2 lb. Crowbar 5 lb. Flask (empty) 1½ lb. Flint and steel — Grappling hook 4 lb. Hammer 2 lb. Mug/Tankard, clay 1 lb. Pick, miner’s 10 lb. Pot, iron 10 lb. Rations, trail (10 day) 10 lb Torch 1 lb. Waterskin 4 lb.1 Whetstone 1 lb.

Wealth: 3 gps

Languages: Common, Dwarven

+Taran’s gift: Ubunk’s Mace of Decimation +

This mace, whose unnatural metal is a color blacker than the darkest cavern, was once wielded by Ubunk, a demon whose fighting prowess was said to be so great that he could take down armies single handedly- with the help of this mace. The death-black mace is as tall as a Halfling and has (what appears to be) semi-translucent blue stone shards and spikes protruding throughout its mighty head. It more resembles a metal club with spikes randomly driven through it than a traditional soldier’s mace. Finally, the likeness of a head of a demon ram adorns the top the mace.

The mace is a +10 mace and strikes with such impact as to shake the very defenses of its foe. For every successful hit the mace makes on a foe, that opponent’s armor class decreases by 1.

If the user takes a round to brace himself for a devastating attack, a successful attack destroy’s the victim’s armor, the item targeted, etc.



Grey Dwarf Fighter Ghanir of the Bitter Crag Hold: Ghanir was born into a typical Grey Dwarf family. Growing up, Ghanir learned the ways of the Grey Dwarves mining for gems and precious metals; attending the annual Gatherings1; and, most importantly, raiding Orc tunnels, Dark Elf camps and Wizards Towers2. It was when Ghanir reached the age of thirty that he learned of his family’s debt to the Human Earldom of Ravenfiield and why their raiding trips never took them into Mag Mell. You see, after a particular daring raid on the Dark Elf camps along the Mosquito Barrens, the dwarves of the Bitter Crag Hold ignited the fury of a united army of the Dark Elves, who took to marching upon the family Hold itself. The patriarch of the Hold sent word of distress to the Ravenfield Earldom and swore him a thousand winter debt should he send relief. Ravenfield Earldom answered the call and after a fierce stand in front of the Hold’s gates, the Dark Elves were driven back and the Hold was indebted to the Ravenfield Earldom for nights untold. Thus Ghanir was sworn to live with the humans and protect Earling Hamron of Ravenfield, Son of Helrick until his death or a grandson is born to him.

Str: 16. _Ghanir has developed a strong legs and a sturdy back from years of mining and raiding _

Dex: 10. _Dwarves are not the most fleet-of-foot, and Ghanir is no exception. _

Con: 17 (15 + 2). _Even among Grey Dwarves, Gharnir is reknown for being as tough as they come. _

Int: 5. Growing up, if it didn’t have to do with mining or fighting, Ghanir was not taught it, leaving him without any breadth of knowledge.

Wis: 13. _Though not book smart, Ghanir is perceptive and quite astute to the ways of the world. _

Cha: 9 (11-2). Gharnir keeps to himself but can handle his own in a conversation.

Ghanir of the Bitter Crag Hold

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